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Professional Fish Geek & Amateur Computer Nerd

Mike is author of several books on aquariums, including two in the popular Complete Idiot's Guide series. Mike was also a long-time columnist for Aquarium Fish International magazine, and contributed articles and photos to various aquarium hobby and pet trade magazines. He has been an aquarium hobbyist since 1964, and spent 25 years as a pet/aquarium store owner. He built one of the first pet superstores in the country—before Petco and Petsmart even got hold of the idea. His superstore had much more livestock, though, so was much more fun than the pet stores of today.

Mike was a sysop on Compuserve's Fishnet Forum for nearly a decade. It was the epitome of online aquarium forums before the advent of the Internet. Mike is a past officer of the Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society and is still active as a member. He built their website, as well as this one, and builds his own computers.

These days, Mike's primary interest is in spending time with his amazing wife and visiting Mother Nature in all her glory. He has hiked or backpacked in many spectacular places and is not done yet!